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Training descriptions

Regarding the new training sessions, we would like to give you some help what kind of training can be expected.

Tunde Szurovszki - Kindergarten I-II: Wednesday-Friday 16.30-17.30 and 17.30-18.30:
For the smallest children who, together with many games, would like to get acquainted with the sport, learn the throws, learn the basics and experience the great personal development effect of the judo.
Tünde - a former competitor, a Hungarian champion – with her kind and consistent training style is very popular among the judokas.

Eszter Csizmadia - Beginner school courses: Tuesday-Friday 16.30-17.30:
For beginners who want to get acquainted with the sport, the beneficial effects of the judo to body, soul, and spirit. They start with basics and then learn judo throwing and ground combat techniques.
Eszter Csizmadia - intermediate group: Monday 16.30-17.30 Tuesday-Friday 17.30-19.00:
For intermediate / advanced judokas, who have the opportunity to try competitive judo. In the various, cheerful, strength-enhancing training, kids can develop their technical skills.
Eszter is qualified judo trainer has judo champion's past (first female Hungarian judo Olympics, World Champion 5th, Universiade Winner, 3x World Cup winner, EB 7th place). Her professional competence, child friendly, accepting attitude is the guarantee for the quality of the training.

Viktor Havasi / Annamaria Fridrich advanced / competitive group Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 17.30-19.00:
For advanced judokas (1 to 2 years of judo), and for those who have competitive ambitions. Specifically competitive training, (traditional and newest techniques, groundwork, catches), preparation for team training and for competitions. Children learn self-discipline, perseverance, growing spirit of struggle, and they will became stronger both physically and mentally.
Viktor Havasiis a certified judo trainer graduated at Budapest College of Physical Education, a regular participant of national team trainings. He is still actively doing judo. With his wife, Annamária they were judo competitors, and they are "A" category international judo referees. They also take part as judges Iin the great world championships of the year, so they experience the latest competitive techniques and tricks in the biggest events. In addition their four kids help them to handle children with humor and confidence.

Imre Havasi / Viktor Havasi adult group (Monday-Wednesday - Thursday-Friday - 17.30-19.00:
Beginner, intermediate, advanced judo, knowledge of basics, development of judo techniques. Strengthening, stamina, preparation for belts or for amateur competition. Imre’s 50 years of experience as a competitive judoka and as a gold-crowned trainer guarantees the success.